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Life Purpose

Offering you methods to discover and live your higher purpose: you can know you've found it, realize deeper meaning in life, experience happier living, and attain greater success in your endeavors. 


"You guys are awesome! I have discovered a very good part of life through your good information." -- Cynthia



Life Purpose Power Pack - get both the e-workbook AND the audio program, spoken by the author and founder of AspireNow! For a limited time, only $49.95! (normally $79.95), fully guaranteed.

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Current Featured Articles & Resources

Notice:  For assistance with life purpose and your career, contact us for life coaching.  

Who Is Your Hero? What Must I Sacrifice To Live On Purpose?
How To Get UN-Stuck If I Died Today . . .
How To Get The Job You Really Want What We MUST FACE To Live Our Purpose
Learn The Purpose Question   Discover What Really Matters Most
Take The Life Purpose Quiz   Pray The Empowerment Prayer

Additional Life Purpose Guides and Articles


Life Purpose Discovery

Living Your Purpose

How To Ask More Powerful Questions The Law of Attraction, by Michael Losier
What I Would Do With $5 Million Oprah's Book Live Your Best Life by Sandy Gardner
What Else Is There? Wealth Beyond Reason by Bob Doyle
How To Get UN-Stuck Power of Conscious Intention by Tim Thompson
Have No Doubt A Case for Life Purpose, by Ric Giardina
Silencing the Critic Within Postmodernism, part 2, by C. Andrews
Thoughts Matter: Finding Happiness Through Improving Our Thinking Attitude:  Get Off Your Assets, by David Humes
5 Steps to Purpose: Facing Limiting Fears

10 Guidelines to Enlightenment, by Swami Beyondananda

Letting Go Of The Past

Forgiveness Huna Odyssey, by Belinda Farrell

The Power Of Acceptance

Conscious breathing, by Belinda Farrell

Dream Large Postmodernism, by C. Andrews
What Independence Means What Brings Happiness?  by Jessica Haynes
Finding My Vocation Attitude: How To Be Super Successful, by David Humes
What Really Matters Most The Importance of Learning English, by Harry Wilson
Is God Listening To Me?

If I Died Today . . .

Going Into The Zone 

Let Go of My Ego

Listening to our heart

Mapping Goals to Values Conquering Fear
The FUN Factor

Forgiving others

Mission, Purpose, and Vocation

What You Must Face To Live On Purpose


Become Quiet to Hear Your Higher Self Voice

Support Network

Know where we come from

Our vocation

Know who we are




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Life Purpose Power Pack - get both the e-workbook AND the audio program, spoken by the author and founder of AspireNow! for a limited time only $49.95! (with the bonus e-book, this price is normally $79.95). AspireNow backs this program with our unconditional 30-day GUARANTEE: no-bull, no questions asked, iron-clad guarantee that we'll stand behind this product or refund your money if you find it does not work for you in helping you discover and live your life on purpose.
Order now to transform your life and create the life you really want! Now, for a limited time only: Both e-book and audio program combined are only $49.95 (normally $79.95). Receive a bonus e-book, too!

Click on the BUY NOW button to receive this astounding e-workbook right now. Or read on to learn more about this powerful program.

Note from the author: This program literally took YEARS for me to develop. It was not written in a day but over a process of years. I don't promise it will be EASY to discover your purpose nor do I promise it will take only 20 minutes. Those who promise you can know your purpose, 100%, within that amount of time are feeding you a line of bull. This is not snake oil or a get-rich quick scheme, but the real deal. This isn't a book on how to be a better Christian, either, like other misleading life purpose books. It is a program specifically designed to get to the root of who you are, from a quantum metaphysical level, and live on track with the vision of that higher-self version of you.

I promise you will learn your purpose after completing this program. I personally guarantee it. - Scott Andrews, Founder

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