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Follow Your Stars, Shine Like The SunSM

Gain an inspiring and entertaining look into your personal chart and monthly Astrology reports. Even if you don't believe in Astrology, you can find some of the ideas contained in these readings inspiring or insightful as ways you can maximize your personal development.

  "Your astrology forecast is a blessing to many, including myself." -- Michele
What's your sign? Who is best for you in love? How can you know who you really are?
The AspireNow AstroGuide has many of the solutions for you.
We've got some of the most exciting, fun, and professional Astrology Guides available on the web. From psychic impressions, free Tarot readings, and Monthly Astrology reports -- get all of your most useful tarot and astrology information all in one trusted place: The AstroGuide!

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Our Astrology Philosophy


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Spring 2011 


Spring 2011

Spring Fling:  Touched by Mystery and life's profundities, many people cut loose from their moorings, leaving it up to the winds to carry them somewhere new. For the not so radically impacted, the first few weeks of April are a good time to take a little break at least, and away from your normal routine, reflect on what's important to you now.
Neptune in Pisces

April 4th's big astrological news is that Neptune goes into its own sign of Pisces, which either brings out one's spiritual strength, or escapist tendencies. Time to pray for strength!  With so many planets in fiery Aries right now, either our internal energy or external forces will express themselves powerfully in our lives. Here are some personal messages for blessing your path in the beginning of Neptune in Pisces:

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):  Bless your path with order! Get things systematized so your imagination doesn't stumble over not having things in place. For creative success, do the prep work and take the correct steps...order is your friend.  

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Bless your path with checks and balances! You can be flooded with inspiration and tremendous inner motivation, but must balance your plans and dreams with objective reality checks. Fortunately, the world will make itself clear to you; expect to receive an abundance of signs from the universe.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Bless your path by re-framing it! Recent difficulties actually lead to a path that is manageable and more personally fulfilling. You will again feel like you are one with the earth, more solid and centered, and in better control of your life.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Bless yourself by doing the grunt work! Bless your life by clearing away the unessential, as well as worrisome organizational tasks. Then on to higher planes:  Neptune promises you a more concrete picture of your place in the universe, something you have been asking for. You will be clearly asked to do cosmically-appointed jobs that increase self-worth.

Neptune locally:  In Pisces it says: "I want to go straight to the heart of the matter. I want to give people knowledge of their deepest truth and destiny. Help yourself get out from under the spell of duality by doing the hard work of listening to your own answers, coming louder than ever. That is my gift: that you can hear right into your heart, and what your shining, healthy self is asking for..."

Neptune globally: Affecting the collective, Neptune in Pisces' greatest role is to assist the transition of all beings into more loving vehicles of light, our true nature. As people are empowered to forgive and let go, a surge of warmth from our very core bursts open to reveal our connection, our One True Heart. "We Are One" will feel a lot more real to a lot more people.

(In proofreading,  I notice the strong influence of the planet Saturn running through all these messages: Saturn rules order, and the mechanics of manifestation. The first step to "making things happen" seems to be purging. On all levels, people are asked to overhaul their systems. Having a clunky energy-body filled with the past must go! People will be doing major releasing work this Spring.)

Spring 2011 Psychic Astrology (posted March 23rd)

The first weekend of Spring 2011 began under heavy skies astrologically, with earth's denizens prone to fits of remorse over what's been lost, and fully feeling under the SuperMoon's influence, wherever they are in life. Let's hope it's on solid ground...or planted now in the new earth of lessons learned.

Spring comes no matter what,
The buds on the dying tree,
Can't wait to open.

 Spring Sez:" I will not get in order!
I won't do it! I won't behave!"

Do not look to the world for consistency this Spring, look only to yourself to establish internal order. All bets are off on anything else in the world behaving as expected.

The Mood:
It's an emotional Spring and not always easy to bear up. Be good to your friends and strangers too!  There arises in many a profound loneliness, and a deep yearning to connect.

The Future:
Gleaming in the distance is innovation--it appears to trump destruction.

Planetary Guidance for Spring Success:
The full moon conjunct Saturn right before the Spring Equinox, says among other things: "Fulfillment requires sacrifice. Be attentive to the details and what people require of you; take the actions that anchor your world."

These planets also signal a cyce in which depression is common. This is where play dates, group activities, volunteering,and getting involved in your community come in. Counteract the tendency to isolate by planning activities with others.


Lessons learned fertilize new growth: People begin anew after trying something (or someone) that didn't work: On the heels of life lessons comes new growth.

Spring 2011 Psychic Messages for the astrological signs
Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): You belong doing whatever you do out in the world; travel is likely this Spring. You'll be setting up business at a distance and establishing your brand! You're in a better mood. Trust your good intentions and desire to give what you've got: you are meant to add to the world this Spring.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):
Time is likely to fix whatever is happening that's difficult in the beginning of Spring.  If you don't respond as if there's an emergency or react defensively, issues tend to fade away. Hand your problems over to the Universe to solve...this is the time to make peace with people around you, and transition into situations that give you more peace of mind.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):
It takes courage to be true to yourself, to perhaps leave behind what you've known, to go towards what gives you more... you may need to leap on a faster-moving train to a better destination. The good news is, you can know what's right for you:  you should receive signs about where and what supports you...go towards that!


Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): The Sun shines on your Spring, creating success through connections with others, new projects and relationships--yet another omen means you might have to get by with less money. Even though in the short term money can be tight, and there's a sense of not knowing if your efforts will bear fruit; even if something is put on hold, the signs are still positive and efforts lead to success. Keep the faith, keep meeting people, stay connected and take action.



Elissa Heyman:  Psychic Counseling and Healing Santa Fe, NM  505-982-3294 www.elissaheyman.com elissaheyman@earthlink.net in person/by phone Visa/MC.

  It's All Good Astrology, by Benjamin Bernstein

"Your forecast is the best, in my opinion, because it's so readable, absorbable, & 'user friendly.' There are a number of planetary updates that I receive, but sometimes they are overwhelming and hard to absorb. Yours is just right." -- Kristine


May 2011 Detailed Forecast

by Benjamin Bernstein  


Whatever your Sun Sign, this forecast will help you make the best use of each month’s astrological energies. Events are most powerful on the dates listed. However, their influence will be active for at least several days before and after. All dates and times are in the U.S. eastern time zone.


Everyone is affected by these global transits. However, you will be most powerfully impacted when moving planets activate natal planets and other sensitive points in your personal horoscope.



5/1  Mars conjunct Jupiter
5/3  New Moon in Taurus
5/11  Venus/Jupiter/Mercury triple conjunction
5/17  Full Moon in Scorpio
5/20  Mars and Mercury trine Pluto; Mercury conjunct Mars
5/21  Sun enters Gemini
5/23  Venus-Mars conjunction



Retrogrades: Saturn thru 6/12; Pluto Rx thru 9/16



It's best to avoid starting important new projects or making major purchases during these times. "Business as usual" is the best strategy for these periods, which occur when the Moon has made its last major Ptolemaic aspect but has not yet moved into the next sign. Learn more about working with void-of-course Moons here. 


5/1, 11:21 am – 5/2, 2:00 am (Taurus)
5/3, 2:51 am – 5/4, 1:11 pm (Gemini)
5/6, 4:13 pm - 10:33 pm (Cancer)
5/9, 2:53 am - 5:37 am (Leo)
5/11, 3:04 am – 10:00 am (Virgo)
5/12, 10:52 pm – 5/13, 11:58 am (Libra)
5/15, 12:02 pm - 12:33 pm (Scorpio)
5/17, 7:09 am - 1:24 pm (Sagittarius)
5/19, 10:18 am - 4:17 pm (Capricorn)
5/21, 5:05 pm - 10:33 pm (Aquarius)
5/24, 3:41 am - 8:25 am (Pisces)
5/25, 2:15 pm – 5/26, 8:38 pm (Aries)
5/29, 6:28 am - 9:03 am (Taurus)
5/31, 11:38 am - 7:58 pm (Gemini)


Detailed Forecast

5/1 (Sun). Physicality, sexuality and high-energy activity receive a major rev-up around the 1st with the triple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and the Moon. The urge to start something new may feel overwhelming, but postpone major new projects until after the New Moon on the 3rd if at all possible!

5/2 (Mon). A quincunx of Saturn to the Taurean Sun may slow your momentum. Dogged persistence, combined with jujitsu-style adjustment, should get you moving forward again – assuming that you're engaged in appropriate action!


5/3 (Tue). May's New Moon arrives today at 2:51 AM (12°30' Taurus). New beginnings relating to sensuality, the natural world, the five senses, personal resources, self-esteem and “just being” are supported. This lunation's aspects suggest that you should be open to making adjustments to existing structures as you move forward (tight quincunx from Saturn), and be aware that releasing that which does not optimally serve you can open the door to increased wealth and power (loose trine from Pluto)!

This New Moon's Sabian Symbol is, “A Porter Carrying Heavy Baggage.” As you look at your own life situation, are there ways in which you can lighten up – physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually – so that you feel less burdened? (On a personal note, I'm currently selling, donating, recycling or discarding most of the things I don't really need, and the unburdening process feels great!)

Divine inspiration is also in the air today, along with easier connection to Source, thanks to a Sun-Neptune qunitile.

5/7 (Sat). Stay open to inspiration around healing, mentoring and fine-tuning with the Sun quintile Chiron.

5/8 (Sun). Subtle inspirations that can help you with in the realms of productivity, maturity and responsibility can come to you more easily with a Sun-Saturn biquintile.

5/9 (Mon). Clear, direct communication within your important relationships is supported with Mercury conjunct Venus. This is happening in the volatile sign of Aries, so whatever the other person does, strive to keep your end of the conversation civil and respectful.


5/11 (Wed). This has the potential to be an unusually lucky day, since the two classic benefics – Venus and Jupiter – are conjunct! If exact timing is important, 10:42 AM is the magic moment when they come together. Actions initiated around this time, especially those that relate to relationships, money, creativity and communication, can benefit from this auspicious energy. (I list communication because this is actually a triple conjunction, which also includes Mercury!)

Mars enters Taurus today, where it will remain thru 6/20. This lays down a productive background energy of energized persistence. Mars in Taurus is also great for relaxed, sensual loveplay which honors the entire body as an erogenous zone.


5/12 (Thu). With Taurean Mars sextile Neptune, it's a great time to take persistent action on your dreams and visions. This energy is also ideal for integrating subtle spiritual energy into your everyday physical activities.


5/15 (Sun). Matters relating to finance, creativity and relationships may benefit from a steady, deliberate approach today through 6/9 while Venus transits Taurus.

Mercury also enters Taurus today, where it will remain thru 6/3, encouraging a steady, methodical, down-to-earth approach to learning and communication.

This makes four personal planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun – in Taurus thru 5/20. What an amazing time to focus on the Taurean qualities of sensuality, persistence, immersion in nature, enjoyment of fine cuisine, and being instead of doing!


5/16 (Mon). With Mercury and Venus both sextile Neptune, you'll benefit by requesting intuitive guidance on matters that relate to our currently emphasized themes: relationships, money, creativity and communication. Then muster up the courage to follow it!

Mercury and Venus are also conjunct in Taurus today. Harmonious communication is supported, especially if you take a calm, methodical approach.

5/17 (Tue). May's Full Moon shines forth today at 7:09 AM (26°13' Scorpio). Ask yourself how “full-filled” you are in the areas of personal transformation, occult practice, research and investigation, psychology and joining resources with others, and make appropriate adjustments.

This Full Moon has the potential to be intense and challenging, since it receives perdominantly challenging aspects from most of the outer planets. But its very lack of subtlety makes it easy to identify the areas where you need to focus.

Outdated structures (Saturn semi-square)? Repair or discard. Is something you don't truly need dissolving out of your life (Neptune square)? Let it go. Are you receiving instructions from your Higher Self (Uranus trine)? Follow them to the letter!

This Full Moon's Sabian Symbol is, A Military Band Marches Noisily On Through The City Streets.” One function of military bands is to generate excitement and support for aggressive campaigns, and there are plenty of those these days! Remember that you always have a choice whether to cheer on the parade – or maintain your peace and equilibrium as it passes by.

5/18 (Wed). Abundant, steady energy is available for mentoring and healing with Taurean Mars sextile Chiron.

5/19 (Thu). Mercury sextiles Chiron a day after Mars, amplifying opportunities for mentoring and healing.

5/20 (Fri). Chiron
receives its third sextile in three days, this time from Venus. Mentoring and healing activities are reinforced even more strongly!

When was the last time you and your lover took several hours just to adore and luxuriously stimulate every inch of each other's bodies? There's great energy for this with Taurean Mars trine Pluto. Or you could choose to get a whole lot of work done instead!

Mercury is also trine Pluto today, smoothing the way for transformational, down-to-earth communication. (Or sweet whispers in your lover's ear...)

There's a reason Mars and Mercury are both trine Pluto today: they're conjunct in Taurus! This can energize volatile communication, especially if your self-esteem or security feels threatened. But it can also positively energize communication, particularly around practical matters.

5/21 (Sat). The Sun is in Gemini 5/21 through 6/21, beaming the energies of learning, communication, playfulness, tricksterism, variety and verbosity.

Sensual and erotic energy is once again in the air, with Taurean Venus trine Pluto. This aspect also supports financial abundance and creative inspiration.

5/22 (Sun). The more you tune into your intuition, the less likely it is that a Sun-Neptune square will catalyze illusion or deception in your life. On the high side, focusing on divine connection, creative inspiration and loving others unconditionally are strongly supported!


5/23 (Mon). With Venus and Mars conjunct in Taurus, giving energy to your important relationships will help solidify their foundations. If touch or sensuality are appropriate, be sure to include them. A “Steady Eddie” approach to money and creativity is also supported.

At the same time, a Mercury-Saturn quincunx has the potential to bollix communication, so make sure that you're both understanding and being understood.


5/24 (Tue). Are there any unsound structures in your important relationships? With a Venus-Saturn quincunx, any that exist may come to your attention – providing wonderful opportunities to repair and strengthen worthwhile partnerships. If old psychological or emotional wounds are surfacing, are you calling on the divine to heal them for you?


5/25 (Wed). Intuitive flashes may be heating up with the Sun sextile Uranus, as well as an urge to individuate and serve the collective.

If you feel your vitality waning, a simple adjustment may be all it takes to get a Mars-Saturn quincunx to energize you instead!


5/26 (Thu). Major creative inspiration is flooding the ethers, with Taurean Venus quintile Piscean Neptune. Extraordinarily, everything involved here – the planets, signs and aspect – support your muse! Connecting with your divine source, and feeling the divine glow in others, is also easier with this aspect.

Perhaps your creative process will have a cathartic component, with a Sun-Chiron square potentially bringing up old emotional baggage.

5/28 (Sat).
Thoughts, not circumstances, cause suffering: which habitual ways of thinking are causing you the most dis-ease? With the Geminian Sun quincunx Pluto, it's a great time to identify and adjust them!

Ready to manifest some of your dreams and visions into reality? With Taurean Mars quintile Neptune, the time is right!

5/30 (Mon). Mentoring and healing – perhaps through body-centered modalities – is supported with Taurean Venus quintile Chiron. 



Conjunction.  Two planets in the same place (0° apart). Union; merging.
Opposition.  Two planets opposite each other (180º apart). Opposition; relationship.
Square.  90° angle.  Conflict; challenge for growth.
Trine.  120° angle. Easy, flowing connection.
Sextile.  60° angle. Flowing, high-energy connection.
Quincunx.  150° angle. Difficulty making connection; adjustment required.
Quintile.  72° angle. Inspiring, creative connection.
Biquintile.  144° angle. Like a quintile, but more subtle.



Need a copy of your natal chart? This free site will calculate it instantly! (We love this site, too!)


Need to track down your birth time? This page will help you! (If you can't locate your birth time, ask Benjamin about rectifying your chart. Amazingly, he can analyze a list of significant life events to figure out your birth time!)


  Our Philosophy On Astrology:

As you drew your first breath, an extraordinary map was created. A map that leads to a treasure more precious than a galleon full of gold.

This map describes your highest human potential. It shows the challenges you came to master during this lifetime. It even reveals the divine plan you’re here to fulfill.

This map also looks into the future. It shows when you’ll be experiencing times of opportunity or challenge, and in what areas of life. It can help you understand the deeper meaning behind your life’s events.

This map is your birth chart. Unlocking the profound insights in ours has enriched our lives beyond measure. As professional astrologers, it is our privilege and pleasure to help you unlock the secrets buried in yours.

The stars are shining bright to light our way.



© 2011 by Benjamin Bernstein, an Asheville, NC-based holistic astrologer who works with clients around the world in person, by phone and toll-free via Skype. Benjamin co-hosts the #1 astrology podcast on iTunes (listen at  www.ThisWeekInAstrology.com). For individual sessions by phone or Skype, or in person, call 800-461-3569, visit www.ItsAllGoodAstrology.com, or email benjamin@ItsAllGoodAstrology.com.



  Special Astrology by Sexual Astrology

Upcoming Astrological Events:

April 15th - May 15th, 2011

Sunday, April 17th - Full Moon in Libra


This is the ultimate relationship lunation. Emotions will be at a crucial high for Aries and Libra in particular.


These signs might see the ending of a relationship transpire if things haven't been going well. If things are good then they'll only get better. Gemini might end a casual affair. Monday, April 18th - Mars opposite Saturn

Expect a cold front when it comes to sexual energy. Mars is the planet that rules our sex drive and the opposition from restrictive Saturn will feel like rain on your parade. This will affect you if you're an air or fire sign but Aries and Libra especially. Tuesday, April 19th - Mercury conjunct Mars


Let's talk about sex! This energy will be fortunate for anyone to initiate a conversation about sexual needs and wants. In addition, you'll find yourself flirting with greater ease. Fire and air signs benefit most. Thursday,

April 21st - Venus enters Aries


The planet of love will enter the most dynamic, pioneering sign of the zodiac. This will give every Aries an exceptional magnetism but all fire and air signs benefit. Sagittarius and Virgo will see developments in their sex life. Saturday, April 23rd - Mercury Direct in Aries


Finally, your words will begin to make sense again! Communication planet Mercury will steady his course after a three week retrograde phase. Aries and Libra will see massive improvements in relationship. Saturday, April 30th - Venus opposite Saturn


It'll be a day when you feel unappreciated by your partner. Are you always the one giving instead of taking? Maybe it's time for a change. Tuesday, May 3rd - New Moon in Taurus


Relationship opportunities abound for Taurus and Scorpio. Capricorn and Libra will receive a thrilling sexual prospect. Wednesday, May 11th - Mars enters Taurus


The planet of sex will be in the most sensual sign of the zodiac to help stimulate the sex life of every water and earth sign. Taurus will benefit most and will be the most sexually appealing of them all.


See more at SexualAstrology.com

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