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Smooth Sailing

Smoothly navigate the waters of romantic relationships with strategies from Smooth Sailing.  Create deeper, fulfilling, and longer lasting romantic relationships by learning more about how to love each other.

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"I found the article 'What Men Want' fascinating. I've tried pretty much everything that the article was saying on my man and it really seems to work." -- April



The Current "Sweet Six"

 How To Name Your Baby What Did You Just Say, by Eva Gregory
Healing A Broken Heart Is He (or She) "The One?
What Men Want How To Spot A Soul Mate

Additional Smooth Sailing Articles

All the Articles About Creating Rewarding Relationships (scroll down)

What To Name Your Baby   What Did You Just Say, by Eva Gregory
Don't Cowboy Up!   How To Overcome Loneliness and Rejection
Why Commitments Matter Reconciliation, by Maurice Attie
Healing A Broken Heart How To Relate Through Respect
From Victim to Victory In-the-meantime or The One?
Replacing Jurassic Communication with Love   How To Break Up (In Love)
What Women Want What Men Want
How To Fight Less and Love More Is He (or She) "The One?
Celebrating Our Love How to Resolve Negative Situations
Building Trust That Lasts How to Set Relationship Goals That Work
Steps To Stop Fighting & How To Make Up How to Build Wonderful Relationships
Junking Jurassic Communication How to Stop Sabotage in Relationships
Sex, Love & Lies, by Jessica Haynes Resolving Fights
3 Magic Words

Finding Love Anywhere

R-E-S-P-E-C-T:  How to Get It How To Improve Communication In Relationships
The Intimacy Love & Dating Scale Resolving Negative Situations


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