Simplicity in Life

Create a Simple Life

If you feel stressed frequently, then you need to examine your lifestyle. In many cases, people who are anxious have daily lives that are too busy or live in disorganized homes. Embracing simplicity can increase your happiness level in every aspect of your life. It might take some time to create a simple life, but once you do, you will experience less stress.

One: Remove Clutter from Your Environment

Is the desk in your office at work or home cluttered with stacks of paper? If you must spend extra time sorting through scraps of paper and files of documents to find something needed for an important client, then it is time to get rid of the clutter. Clutter doesn’t just affect the mind and body while you are working because it leads to stress in the morning while preparing for the day. Maybe your kitchen countertops are covered with unused small appliances, and the cabinets are filled with an assortment of unneeded dishes that require time to move around to make breakfast, leading to frustration. Getting rid of excess possessions at home and work can help with beginning a day without feeling frazzled.

Two: Keep Track of Appointment Times

When you are arriving late for meetings and forgetting important appointments frequently, you probably do not have a system for keeping track of appointment times. With modern technology, you can use a smartphone or iPad to list appointment times, addresses and telephone numbers. However, an old-fashioned paper calendar is also an easy way to maintain a schedule. You might want to have a large calendar to keep above your desk at work or on a wall in a kitchen, but a small calendar that you can store in a handbag or briefcase can also help you to avoid forgetting about family events and business meetings.

Three: Moving to a Smaller Home

A new trend in simplification is moving to a smaller home rather than living in a mansion. There are good reasons for you to live in a tiny house or studio apartment, including saving time and money. If you have a large home, then you are tempted to fill it with stuff. To keep a mansion looking nice, you must spend a lot of time vacuuming carpets and dusting furniture. A larger home may have a huge yard that requires care such as mowing the grass in the summer or raking leaves in the autumn. Alternatively, when you live in a smaller home, you can’t fill it with furniture, and you will probably have a much smaller lawn to maintain.

Five: Avoid Spending Money as Much as Possible

If your life feels complicated because you are spending too much money, then simplify by cutting out the extras. Instead of going to expensive movies or buying DVDs, visit your local library. Modern libraries have more than free books to read. It is possible to find DVDs of your favorite television programs in addition to recent and classic movies. You can use a library’s computers rather than having an Internet provider bill or check out CDs to listen to music at home. With a library, you do not need an expensive Internet or cable television connection.

Feel Happier by Simplifying Your Life

You don’t have to change your life in just one day to feel happier. Begin slowly by making a list of the things in your life that are leading to anxiety. By making modifications one at a time to your life, you can determine the best way to live the simple life.