Your Astrological Guide For 2016

Major Aspects During 2016

Slow moving Pluto and Neptune remain in Capricorn and Pisces respectively throughout 2016. Uranus, the planet of innovation, lingers in Aries. Saturn, long associated with karmic lessons, spends the entire year in Sagittarius. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and generosity, commenced the year in Virgo and ends it in Libra, going into opposition with Uranus on December 26th. Mars, denoting sexual energy and will power, travels during 2016 from late Libra through early Pisces, forming many aspects. Faster-moving Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon also form numerous aspects during 2016.

Sun Signs

Everyone born in certain sun signs of the zodiac shares some general patterns this year, although individually significant aspects will occur variably, of course. Watch for these trends in your sun sign:


Fire-based Aries likely will experience powerful forces of change as innovative Uranus loiters in your sun sign this year. The years 2016 and 2017 could herald an important period of personal growth and transformation for you. You may witness the resolution of a stressful conflict involving money or personal freedom in December.


The fixed earth-based Taurus sun sign possesses strong determination and perseverance. You may have encountered financial setbacks earlier in the year, when Mars passed through Scorpio opposing your Sun. The summer might offer a chance to resolve financial issues as decisions flow more easily.


Mutable Gemini, an air-based sign, often impresses others with charming conversation and an inquisitive intellect. This challenging year will likely offer the potential to absorb important life lessons as Saturn meanders through Sagittarius in opposition to Gemini. Many Geminis will enjoy favorable changes and personal growth as a result of confronting life-lessons constructively.


Cancer, a water-based sign influenced by the moon, frequently displays moodiness and changeability. While the transit of Uranus imposes a great test on many people with this sun sign this year, Jupiter's favorable transit offsets the hardships. You'll experience some good luck counteracting financial stresses.


The fixed fire sign of Leo often displays leadership qualities. Some people with this sun sign will enjoy a stunningly successful 2016, obtaining both good luck and unexpected, fortunate change. Favorable aspects between Saturn and Leo may signify long term results.


Virgo, an earth-based sign ruled by Mercury, enjoys a reputation for focusing on details. Don't miss the big picture this year by sweating the small stuff! With your sun in Virgo, you've likely recently already undergone significant changes in your life. You can expect fortunate opportunities in 2016 with Jupiter's transit.


Ruled by Venus, the air-based sign of Libra celebrates beauty and harmony. Opposition from Uranus signifies inevitable and sometimes sudden changes this year. Jupiter ends the year in Libra, bringing opportunities to benefit in its wake.


The fixed water-based sign Scorpio possesses an intense nature. You likely experienced personal losses during the past year or so with Saturn's transit, but in 2016 will gain the opportunity to obtain valuable intuitive insights


The flexible fire-based sign Sagittarius may display introspection. Mars transiting through your sign infuses you with energy. With Uranus in good aspect and Saturn in your Sun sign, you're poised for sudden, significant change.


The earth-based sign Capricorn possesses a practical streak. Some changes likely prove stressful this year, but may produce profound insights.


The fixed air-sign Aquarius espouses ambitious goals. You will likely favor many changes produced by the transit of Uranus. Later in the year, you may benefit from government action.


Changeable water-based Pisces values spirituality. Neptune's slow transit through Pisces offers you unique new opportunities for profound insights and intuitions.