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AspireNow Testimonials

We love to share in your success! People are excited about the information and services we offer at AspireNow. Please scroll to read some of the recent comments people are sharing with us. Thank you for sharing with us!


"AspireNow is the best site on the web for personal development." - Iris M.


Click here to see Personal Aspiration Testimonials.


Business Aspiration Testimonials:


These testimonials are now located at ARRiiVE Business Solutions, Client Success Stories.

Personal Aspiration Testimonials:


Recent Comments/Praise submitted to AspireNow's Personal Aspiration include:


"Hello, I enjoyed visiting your website. Reading your words inspired me to share the following: On 9/11 2001, I was scheduled to be at the World Trade Center. The meeting was canceled and my life was saved. This experience was an inspiration to write a "letter to my daughters".  In this letter I share my faith, hope, love and experiences. My loving intent is to remind everyone to do the same. People worry about material things by leaving "Wills" but our hopes, faith and love are left to memories. Why not write a letter /make a video for your loved ones. If everyone just took the time to reflect our world would immediately grow in love and peace. In addition to above , my brother was a NJ State trooper and worked at ground zero. He passed over from cancer last year. In his honor and based on my own experiences above. I developed a web-site titled aletteroflove.com Please visit and send the message to your viewing audience. The website is free and I am not selling anything except Peace and Love. On this site I posted my brotherís letter that he wrote before his passing. I also share my experiences with energy healing, life after death & modern day miracles.. I would be honored if you had a link to my website from your site, Also, please pass this message on to your friends and family Thanks for your time." -- Ken@aletteroflove.com


Note from the editor: Ken, I was so touched by your letter, I'm putting it on my home page for the rest of the month. Lots of love always, and so sorry to hear of the loss of your wonderful brother, Doug. Thank you for getting it (love), and putting it out there the way you're doing. - Scott


"Thanks for sharing. God Bless." [05:08 on 12/1/07] meeboguest849298: Scott S.


"I'm newly single, and am more wary of the patterns I follow. Great reminder of how to play my cards right." -- Ellie McHale (re: How Is Your Love Life? Article at HubPages)


"I just discovered your website and have found it very helpful and easy to navigate through. Keep up the "powerful" work." - E. Johnson (USA)


"This has been a wonderful teaching tool for myself and I am teaching my teenage children to use it. I was diagnosed with cancer and found that forgiveness means health for me! I want to extend my deepest appreciation to the author of this piece. You should incorporate it in recovery programs and divorce lawyers should hand out copies to all clients, my ex said he finally realized [the answer] 'why' to a lot of questions. I am also in remission." - MJ Brenna (ND, USA)


"I am reading your pages and find your information very accurate." - Ron D. (NC, USA)


"Excellent information. I was inspired by AspireNow." - Karmen G. (IN, USA)


"Thank you for the article on Victim to Victor. It describes my situation very clearly, with my husband of 15 years as the victim and myself as the knight. It gave me a very good starting point in trying to do what 'I' can to turn things around." - Jan E. (NV, USA)


"Thank you, Scott! Great article on men meeting the needs of women (What Women Want). Equally, your article inspired me to pay attention to what men need to thrive in a happy and healthy relationship with a woman. Very refreshing, and to the point. Detailed, great examples, articulately written. I will definitely keep your article to help me communicate with my boyfriend." - Jennifer (CA, USA)


"I found it fascinating on the article what men want from women. I've tried pretty much everything that the article was saying on my man and it really seems to work." -- April (CA, USA)


"You guys are awesome! I have discovered a very good part of life [through your] good information." -- Cynthia (MI, USA)


"The [AspireNow] website is really useful." -- Neha K. (Delhi, India)


"Victim to Victor is right on the mark (for my family situation). Been struggling with it for years. In fact, this is the first non-religious-based program which seems to offer hope." -- Jim D. (KY, USA)


"Thank you for being so generous with your resources. I hope you have all you need for your time and energy!" -- Anastasya (NY, USA) 


"Awareness is 90% of the problem and it was only when I ran into "myself" with a large "VICTIM" name tag, did I realize this is what's wrong in my life. Thank you for providing the 10% that is the most significant towards wellness and success. I have always had a vision of myself as successful and happy and believed I would get there but sure didn't know how. Your [checklists] is a wonderful beginning. Thank you so much!" -- M. (FL, USA)


"I'm going through a healing process and to be quite honest I was clueless as to where to begin and how to heal but [when I read] your article on Healing A Broken Heart, it helps a lot. You should be a psychotherapist, my own therapist doesn't give me this much input on healing." -- Cookie (USA)


"Wow!! I have read a mountain of material of trying to understand how to articulate what women want. This article (What Women Want) is by far the best I have ever read. It is straight, concise, and 100% accurate. I can now stop searching and sort out the scattered thoughts I have and better communicate to my man "what I want" thanks to you. Thank you so very much!" -- Sharalee E. (Sydney, Australia)


"Your article on Healing A Broken Heart is very helpful to me at this time. Thank you and bless you." - Jackie R. (ID, USA)


"AspireNow is the best site on the web for personal development." - Iris M. (OR, USA)


"Your advice and wisdom for healing a broken heart has made a monumental difference in my life right now." - Susan K. (WA, USA)


"Amazing web site." - Eric (CA, USA)


"I was searching for direction/help on goals in a relationship and your site is helping me become more organized about this. Thank you." - Norah (VA, USA)


"Hi, I am a single parent with two teenage boys. I am also going to college and working full time, so, as you can imagine, my time is limited and I am always looking for ways to improve, simplify, and enhance my life as well as bring joy into my two sons' lives. I have found your website packed with so much useful information. I also am extremely impressed with the fact that your main focus is on the spiritual side of who we are as individuals. Thank You!!!!" -- Irma C. (TX, USA)


"I do not even know where to begin other than to say you really have a wonderful website! Thank you for what you've done [through AspireNow]." -- Roger B. (USA)


"I would just like to say....Thanks!" -- (signed only "N")


"I love everything you wrote, it's about time a man knows what a woman truly wants (What Women Want). This really hit me in a good way because I just split up with my boyfriend and everything you wrote compared to my problems perfect. I just appreciate you." -- Jennifer R. (MO, USA)


"I enjoyed visiting your site, and I will return." -- Jerry A. (NM, USA)


"Extremely helpful. Glad I stumbled upon your site." -- Katherine B. (MI, USA)


"Thank you for the beautiful article on Healing A Broken Heart." -- S. V. (CA, USA)


"I am so pleased to say that there are so many wonderful resources on this site, to read them and see how simple it is to improve my life. Thank you so much for caring enough to share." -- Christine B. (USA) 


"I have a little book where I write down proverbs and sayings. Over the years the book has started to fill up. Today I added some from your Web Site (thought of the month). Thank you!" -- Heidi K. (CA, USA)


"What a system [Job Aspiration Zone] you have created. I'm reviewing the template and affirmations daily. " -- Marilyn H. (CA, USA)


"The information and writings are awesome, awesome, awesome! Very genuine, relatable, humbling, down to earth, and very easy to read and follow. You have a great deal of information and insights that you have shared with your audience and in many ways very powerful, effective, and touching. Lots of love." Binta P. (CA, USA)


"Wow!  So much of value here for someone who's going through a major change!" -- K. Williams (CA, USA)


"Thanks so much for creating this wonderful website that makes our life better!" -- S. Lin  (Hong Kong)


"I'm very happy to have stumbled into your useful website. Thank you." -- C. Bee (OR, USA)


"I think that everyone should read and re-read your articles frequently.  It is easy to start with much gusto but we all need a reminder of our direction. I really enjoy your site. Thank you." -- Mary R. (GA, USA)


"Great website." -- Teresa M. (AL, USA)


"I have (found) your information very helpful.  I am looking forward to accessing all of the features and opportunities will come my way." -- Mike C. ( CA, USA)


"Thanks so much for your personal answers to my questions!  You have been incredibly helpful!" -- George P. (CA, USA)


"Very well put together, easy to navigate, with useful articles.  I wish more websites would follow your lead." -- Christine O. (ID, USA)




Scott Andrews - Speaking Testimonials:


"You held our attention the entire time - even handled the ." - Vivian, San Luis Obispo, CA


"We want more! Excellent information." - Vivian, San Luis Obispo, CA


"Superb. I recently received training from my bank on selling. Your talk has had 10x more useful information than any of our hours and hours of training we received from the bank." -- Customer Service Rep. - SLO, CA


Scott Andrews, ARRiiVE CEO (and Founder of AspireNow), recently spoke at the Mid-Peninsula Alliance Group on "David & Goliath - How the Small Guy Sales To The Big Company"


Comments regarding this talk:


"Interesting letter for example of how to get in the door."

"Agree completely. Excellent refresher in how to sell to corporations."

"Considering your slides bombed on the third slide, we thought you did SUPERB!"

"Great talk! Thanks - ideas work for other areas [too]." Evelyn P., Author, NASD

"Dynamic, high-energy, fun delivery."

"Great presentation. Thanks!"

Do you need an ARRiiVE Executive to speak at one of your keynote or speaking engagements?

For more information, please contact: info@ARRiiVE.com or call us at 805-459-6939



Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow and author of The Keys To Discovering Your Purpose, recently spoke at the Nordhoff High School in Ojai, CA, where several students commented:


"I thought that you had many interesting things to say, and it seemed to be a nice break from doing school work, and taking time to... just think about things.  I got a lot out of it, so, thank you for coming and sharing some time with us."  T. F.


"Thanks for giving your presentation to our class.  It was a nice change of pace and got me to think about things that I normally wouldn't.  It is important to constantly remind ourselves of what is really important and to realize that we have to live each day to the fullest." -- R. W.


"Your view on the future and interest in our lives has really helped me think about the goals that I'd like to achieve." --  A. C.


"Your presentation really made me think about what I value most." -- S. G.

"Your presentation was really good and it really made me think about my life and my future." 


"Thank you for coming to speak to us.  The poem that you gave us to read was a really good one" -- A. R.


Note from Scott:  "I utilized Merwin's poem "For The Anniversary of my Death" as a basis to get into the interactive exercises of what is really important, our values, life purpose, and importance of our aspirations by making each of our lives count.  Each student went through exercises on values, life purpose, and left with written statements of their personal life purpose and three aspirations, based upon their purpose and values, they would realize this year, 5 years, and in their lifetime.  If you are an educator, may I ask you:  How many schools have their seniors leave with that type of purpose document in hand?  Yet, these are the most important things for each of us to realize:  that we matter, that we each have a purpose, and that by writing down and taking action we can realize our dreams.  I can think of no greater mission for AspireNow than to help even one young person realize that they matter and can make a difference in the world."


As Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it."  


"The only way we can live our dreams is to take action.  A mountain can be moved a shovel at a time, or with one big blast.  The choices of how we think, how we speak, and how we act are ours.  The time to act is now." -- Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow


If you would like to hire AspireNow, please utilize our contact form and share details of your situation. 


Scott's inspiring insights into how we can improve our lives have dazzled hundreds of people over the past few years.  Call 805-459-6939 or Email Scott Andrews, to book Scott Andrews as a speaker for your special event.

Please share your own personal testimonial through our feedback form.  We appreciate your feedback and sharing with us!



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