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Scott Andrews, Keynote Speaking 


  Scott Andrews, International Author, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur

"Scott has a commanding presence. I've shared the stage with Scott and he never fails to wow his audience with new ideas and dynamic ability to inspire people." --    Jessica Haynes

"STRONGLY AGREE (9.5 +)" - average talk score

Read: Scott's Background as Founder of AspireNow and CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions.


Scott's unique wisdom and ability to inspire people to action is second to none. Scott is a natural performer, but also possesses a powerful way to take complex business and life development model and break them down into simple and actionable frameworks you can immediately apply to your situation - be it personal or business. Scott is a former Toastmaster and current board member of SLO STC, Cal Poly School of Journalism Internships. He created a 1st on the Internet: the AspireNow Advisor: Instant Self-help on the web. He now teaches both business and personal development programs and is often a featured keynote speaker to groups ranging from 50 to 5,000. Scott currently offers the following talks for your group:

For leaders focused on improving SALES RESULTS:

Business Leaders: "From Cold To Gold: Prospecting Methods To Overcome Fears, Get In the Door, and Build Successful Long-lasting Relationships"


Scott uses an interactive and powerful workshop approach to the challenges in writing emails, making telephone calls, and writing letters to get past gatekeepers and get the meetings that must be scheduled to win the critical accounts. Scott teaches the "mind shift" that must occur to be SUCCESSFUL in ANY sales endeavor. Scott then offers both humorous and valuable insights into the keys to getting an email or letter opened, ways to get an email or telephone number when you don't have it, and the top components of a successful letter. A fast-paced presentation bound to keep your team on their toes and leave with useful ways to immediately impact sales results. Perfect for organizations seeking to build advanced ethically-based selling skills.

Business Leaders: "David and Goliath: How the Small Guy Sales to The Large Company"


Scott takes a humorous approach to the challenges facing small business leaders who are trying to establish larger presence both in their markets and with large corporate enterprises. These firms are not easy to gain entry with; however, Scott's talk goes beyond the humor to offer practical suggestions to get-in and establish Big City business and set your firm apart. This is always a popular talk with business audiences.

"Considering your PowerPoint slides died on the third slide, I thought you did SUPERB." -- Tom Pencek, Mid-Peninsula Alliance 

Talk for groups of all sizes: "King of Your World, Princess of Your Magic Kingdom"

Scott challenges his audience to get clear on their vision, then take action to launch your dreams, in both life and in business. This extremely popular talk is making waves across the world in personal development circles.

"Scott is one of the most dynamic speakers I've heard. He'll ignite a fire in your belly making you want to do more, think bigger and take action to produce something real." -- Jenna M. 

Talk for leaders & teams: "Building Empowered Teams Through Semantic Collaboration"

Scott tantalizes your leadership team to act in more empowered ways, from how you structure your business to how you communicate with each other. Scott digs into the problems with most business structure and offers a paradigm-shift to not only re-invent the business model but also human resource solutions to build more empowered teams and organizations. This talk is described as "eye-opening, enlightening, and revolutionary."

"His ideas not only excited me, but they made total sense. [Scott's] talk inspired our company to re-organize our structure and immediately impacted our success." -- Elizabeth P., Vice Pres.

Roundtable for Entrepreneurs: "Avoiding the potholes in your road to success"

Entrepreneurs often start out thinking they have all the answers -- then find out the hard way they don't. Scott shares how most entrepreneurs hit "potholes" and offers valuable ways to overcoming them to pave the road to your success. In line with ARRiiVE Business Solutions' slogan, learn how to get "More Customers, More Cash, More Quickly."

"Why waste precious hours and valuable time trying to re-invent the wheel when Scott's ideas can help you launch your product in far less time with much more success." - Michelle C., Phd,  Author, Coach, and Entrepreneur of GetSmart Learning

Every presentation by Scott Andrews includes:

A customized program designed to specifically meet the needs of your audience;

Extensive interviews with key leaders and employees in your organization in addition to comprehensive research into your group's background and objectives;

A follow-up conference call with the event manager to share insights from responses.


Scott Andrews - Speaking Testimonials:


"We want more! Excellent information." - Vivian, San Luis Obispo, CA (MCSC Brown Bag)


"Superb. I recently received training from my bank on selling. Your talk has had 10x more useful information than any of our hours and hours of training we received from the bank." -- Customer Service Rep. - SLO, CA


Scott Andrews, ARRiiVE CEO (and Founder of AspireNow), recently spoke at the Mid-Peninsula Alliance Group on "David & Goliath - How the Small Guy Sales To The Big Company" Here are some comments:


"Interesting letter for example of how to get in the door."

"Agree completely. Excellent refresher in how to sell to corporations."

"We thought you did SUPERB!"

"Great talk! Thanks - ideas work for other areas [too]." Evelyn P., Author, NASD

"Dynamic, high-energy, fun delivery."

"Great presentation. Thanks!"

To Book Scott for a BUSINESS TALK, please contact: info@ARRiiVE.com or call us at 805-459-6939


To BOOK SCOTT for an AspireNow-related event, Call AspireNow at: 805-459-6939. You'll kick yourself if you wait.


Email Scott Andrews at:  info [at} ARRiiVE [dot} com.




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