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Life Purpose

 "The Purpose Question."
 By Scott Andrews, Founder.  All rights reserved.

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"I think that everyone should read and re-read your [workbook articles] frequently.  It is easy to start with much gusto but  we all need a reminder of our direction." - Mary R. (GA, USA)  

There is a question I like to ask people to spur them to ponder their life purpose.  This question enlightens the path dramatically in our self discovery. The first-pass answer to this question is often close to the bull's-eye of the target. Sometimes we have to probe deeper than the first-pass answer to find our purpose. When you find the answer to this question, you will be on your path to life purpose.


The Purpose Question


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What is The Purpose Question? 


It is the single most important question in your life. The answer to this question will clarify and send you on your journey to life fulfillment. If you don't know it, the best time to dig into your soul to find it is now. We'll help you do it!


If I could do anything with my life right now...


Note: This article is no longer posted for free at AspireNow. Why? Because I take you through the purpose question in depth in both my e-workbook and audio program. You can buy them together as a bundle or purchase them for a friend using a gift certificate (see above box).


Thank you for letting AspireNow help you discover your purpose!


We review the more about our Spiritual Nature and The Purpose Question in our new Life Purpose Program entitled, "The Keys To Discovering Your Purpose," featuring our experiential e-workbook, audio CD companion, and upcoming e-book and hardcopy book on Discovering Your Purpose. 


"I think that everyone should read and re-read your [workbook articles] frequently.  It is easy to start with much gusto but  we all need a reminder of our direction." - Mary R. (GA, USA)



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We welcome your comments and success stories around finding true love and making love more fun and abundant (feedback).


Scott Andrews is the Founder of AspireNow (www.AspireNow.com), a site helping people realize their business and personal aspirations. He is a speaker and the author of numerous articles and workbooks on business success, life purpose, smooth sailing relationships, and creating abundant lifestyles. He launched the first interactive self-help program on the Net, called the AspireNow Advisor.

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