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About AspireNow -- Our Current Opportunities

Opportunities To Contribute


"You have a great deal of information and insights that you have shared with your audience and in many ways very powerful, effective, and touching. Lots of love." B. Patel (CA, USA)


AspireNow is a private, growing company offering opportunities for contributions, employment, investment, partnership, and voluntary internship. AspireNow is an Equal Opportunity based firm.

Click to learn more about our:  Advertising, Aspiration Advocate Program, Contributions, Investment, and Job Opportunities.




Advertising - Opportunities for advertising on AspireNow are available now.  Note that banner ads will be restricted from the home page.  Special banners are available for targeted groups, by feature, and column of articles.  Our rates are offered for monthly, quarterly, and/or annual subscriptions.  All advertisements are subject to AspireNow approval. Click here for more information about our new ADVERTISING PROGRAM.

Aspiration Advocate Program


Aspiration Advocate - Opportunities for freelance writers, coaches, and business consultants to submit articles for inclusion in one of AspireNow's monthly features.  We believe in win-win relationships where both parties benefit. An example of this would be an affiliate exchange program where we can track sells of each other's products. All affiliate programs are subject to prior approval and may be terminated at any time at will. See the Aspiration Advocates page for examples of the program.  Email us at info@aspirenow.com or use our Feedback Form to request further information.

Consulting Program


Consulting Opportunities - Opportunities for consultants in varies fields of expertise, ranging from technology sales, sales management, entertainment management, retail, human resources, and more. All consultants are subject to prior screening approval and may be terminated at any time at will. Email us at info@aspirenow.com or use our Feedback Form to request further information.



Contributions - We're currently seeking contributors to help us maintain and grow this site.  As AspireNow is a FOR- profit institution, your deduction may not be deductible.  However, you would greatly aid our mission to help people live on purpose and in their highest power and change the business world to empower employees to create more success without treating people like numbers.  If you value the information you've read here, we'd appreciate any contribution you could make to AspireNow to help us realize our mission and contribute to our long-term success.  


Mailing Address:      AspireNow 

                                423 Westpoint Drive

                                Shell Beach, CA  93449


Why contribute? We're willing to bet you've given money to far worse causes than AspireNow. So, if you like us, why not help us? If you've benefited from one of our free articles, why not make a contribution to AspireNow so that we can remain financially viable and continue to bring you the information you need. We want to remain focused on creating articles and programs that make a difference!

We've been offering some of the Internet's top self-help articles on the WEB since 2000, but cannot survive on FREE articles. So, without your donation, we have to charge for more of our information than we'd prefer. Please contribute to help keep significant parts of AspireNow free for others around the world.

Investment Information


Investors - We're currently seeking investors to help us expand to meet our objectives -- specifically with the AspireNow Advisor, to become the leading interactive self-help location on the Internet.  Please email us and request a non-disclosure to receive our PowerPoint overview and 2-page Executive Summary.

Email us at info@aspirenow.com or use our Feedback Form to request further information.

Job Openings

Posted openings at this time: 


Intern/Marketing & Public Relations Assistant. This job description is open; however, we basically need assistance with furthering our objectives of getting in front of people who can utilize our services. We currently offer a non-salary internship to college students and others who wish to participate in this program. Please contact us at info@aspirenow.com if you are interested in assisting us in our marketing efforts. 


Journalism Intern - Opportunities for interns in the field of copyrighting, editing, and journalism are currently sought to help us publish numerous works. This exciting opportunity is a ground-floor publishing opportunity perfect for college seniors seeking extra credit. This position is currently non-salary. All interns are subject to prior screening approval and may be terminated at any time at will. Email us at info@aspirenow.com or use our Feedback Form to request further information.

We maintain a database of qualified applicants for positions. We often hire internships for copywriting, event planning, graphic design, accounting, and marketing. Please contact us if you have interest in working for AspireNow.  

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