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Featured Article

 "Learning English"
 By Harry Wilson

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How important is language to getting to the top of your profession?


An interesting statistic of note is the ratio of language to success. You may note that the importance of MASTERY in your language, or the language of the culture you are trying to succeed within, and your ability to master your language, will directly correspond with your ability to succeed in your life purpose. Those who have the highest command of their language, almost without fail, are those who rise to the top professions in government, business, and other organizations.





The worst thing about moving to the UK was that I couldnít speak English. I grew up in Argentina and most of my school life was dedicated to playing football. I was the best in my class all the way through school, until I realized that I should have spent a little more time on my studies and a little less in the playground. But since football was my passion, I wanted to pursue it as far as I could. One day I was playing for my local club and was earmarked by a foreign scout, like so many South American players, and was asked to come to London to attend a football player's apprenticeship. I jumped at the chance.

As a professional sportsman, I could work without having to open my mouth. But after two weeks I decided that that was not a life. I had to go to a London language school. I went with the teamís interpreter and searched for a school with the best English tuition I could find. That seemed to me to be a hard task. But it really wasnít that hard. It was easier to find a good language school in London than I had imagined.

I started learning and improving my skills. Two months later I was quite good at talking to people and making myself clear. It was a great success when I first ordered a beer in English. The bad news was that I wasnít doing too good with the football team, and I was let go from the team after nine months with the team.

I was very worried in the beginning, but as my English taken in my language school in London was really good at that point, I could get a job unconnected to sports. Once again I had to move, but I was starting to speak English more confidently, and with the amount of foreign languages spoken around London I thought a change of scenery would do me some good, and I searched for the best language course Cambridge could offer, as I had heard from friends that it was a centre of English scholarship.

So, I went to live to Cambridge. In Cambridge, learning English was a bit harder in the beginning. It was tiring to study after work. I used to go to bed at 3:00 a.m. and now I had to get up at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Until one day, while talking to a friend, he said I could take a course during my lunch break; and that ended up working out perfectly for me. The English courses in Cambridge offered were the best for me, though that doesn't mean they would be the best for everybody. But now I can speak fluent English, when only 3 years ago I could barely say "hello" without needed a dictionary.

"I'm now finding that with my additional language skills I learned at my Cambridge language school are enabling me to do considerably well in my employment and find the success with my life purpose in ways I hadn't imagined before coming to the United Kingdom. If you're struggling with English, try a London language school like the English Cambridge language program and see if you don't notice a difference in your life."

You can use quick payday loans to go back to school to take language courses or to purchase books and audio tapes to teach yourself and improve your language skills. For me, going to school in Cambridge made a world of difference.


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