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Life Purpose
"How To Ask Powerful Questions To Create Insight and Empowered Results."
By Scott Andrews, Founder  




"Thanks so much for creating this wonderful website that makes our life better!" - S. Lin  (Hong Kong)  



Asking powerful questions creates more insightful and empowered results.

Questions have tremendous power.



When I was working for IBM, I remember reading a book that described a powerful salesperson as one who asked questions to control their conversations. Control is power, according to the wisdom I learned.

However, I once had a manager who asked a gazillion questions, but I’m not sure exactly what he did with what he learned. So, rather than saying blindly that “asking questions gives you power,” I’d rather rephrase that to “smart questions lead to empowerment.”


Asking better questions just makes sense. For example: knowledge is power is a statement I’ve heard. I would rather say “knowledge, plus right action, plus absolute conviction equals power.” It’s more defined and leaves little to doubt.


So, if smarter questions lead to empowerment, what questions do we often ask that we can reframe to give us more power? This is a concept I’ve been studying for years. I’ll share the questions I think are best. If you have some you think are helpful, too, please feel free to suggest them.


Reframing questions to maximize our power:


Original question: “Who am I?”

Revised powerful question: “What do I stand-up for?”


Original question: “What are my goals?”

Revised powerful question: “How can I just BE and yet be complete?”


Original question: “What is my life purpose?”

Revised powerful question: “What can I do where I maximize my life, my love, my happiness, and my burning desire to contribute?”


Original question: “How can I attract more love?”

Revised powerful question: “How much love can I give out and to whom do I want to give it to?”


Original question: “What am I getting out of this?”

Revised powerful question: “Who am I becoming from doing this?”


Original question: “Why is this happening to me?”

Revised powerful question: “How am I growing and learning from this situation?”


Original question: “Why did they hurt me?”

Revised powerful question: “How can I rise above the hurt to grow?”


Original question: “What else is there?”

Revised powerful question: “How can I be open to discover more?”


Original question: “How can I get more money?”

Revised powerful question: “How can I add more value to other’s lives?”


Original question: “How can I stay looking young and beautiful?”

Revised powerful question: “How can I share in the beauty in all things?”

Original question: “What will I do with my time?”

Revised powerful question: “What matters the most in this moment?”


Original question: “What do I want now?”

Revised powerful question: “What can I do to just be and not want or need anything?”


Original question: “How can I become more secure and protect my family?”

Revised powerful question: “How can I imagine the lives of those I love as “secure” in a way where nothing can harm us?”


Original question: “How come I feel out of control?”
Revised powerful question: “What can I do in this moment that is true to my self?”


Next time you want to be more powerful, try asking these more empowered questions, and see if you don't improve your results.


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We welcome your comments and success stories around finding true love and making love more fun and abundant (feedback).


Scott Andrews is a life coach, business consultant, and CEO/Founder of AspireNow (www.AspireNow.com), a site helping people realize their business and personal aspirations. He is a speaker and the author of numerous articles and workbooks on business success, life purpose, smooth sailing relationships, and creating abundant lifestyles. He launched the first interactive self-help program on the Net, called the AspireNow Advisor.


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