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Life Purpose

 "If I Died Today, What Did My Life Mean?"
  By Scott Andrews, Founder.  

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you died?


I'm not trying to sound morbid. But this is a perspective that I offer when I do life coaching. If you looked at your tombstone, and could wind the clock back to today, how would you fill in the missing details? Who are you? What did you do? How did your life matter?



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"If I died today, how would I feel about my life?" What would your answer be to that question?


Life is fragile.


A good friend of mine called me today and shared that his girlfriend's brother passed away last night.  He was married, with two young children.  He died of a massive heart attack in the middle of the night.  And he was only 44 years old.


"It could never happen to me," we think.  "I'm too young to die."  But how young is "too young to die?"  


We really don't know how many days or years we will live.  An accident, such as by plane, automobile, or other mishap could claim our life.  Or perhaps, an unusual illness.  Or a vital organ could fail.  


So what would we say, if our life were to end today?  Would we be satisfied?  Would we know that we had lived our life fully, on purpose?  Could we feel we "did it right?"


It is a hard question to answer.  I recently had a cousin pass away from cancer.  I don't know how she would have answered this question.  But I'm 99% positive she wasn't "ready" to go.  Not with two little ones and a loving husband and so much life ahead of her (she was 35 years old).  


If we live our life completely every day, we still may not be thrilled with the thought of death.  However, death is really only a passing from one physical body to our more complete spiritual one (not that our spirit isn't the core essence of who we are now).


Are there things we can be doing better?  Are there people we can love better?  Can we live our aspirations, today?  If we know the answer, what are we waiting for to make us do it?  Death?  Life is fragile.  Now is the time to live fully and bless those friends and family who grace us with their love.


Please note:  the author of this article may not be certified as a licensed psychotherapist -- please consult professional assistance as your situation dictates.

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We welcome your comments and success stories around finding true love and making love more fun and abundant (feedback).


Scott Andrews is a life coach, business consultant, and CEO/Founder of AspireNow (www.AspireNow.com), a site helping people realize their business and personal aspirations. He is a speaker and the author of numerous articles and workbooks on business success, life purpose, smooth sailing relationships, and creating abundant lifestyles. He launched the first interactive self-help program on the Net, called the AspireNow Advisor.


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